Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted for the proceedings of RobOntics 2023:

  • Lorenza Saettone, Riccardo Fedriga and Emanuele Micheli: Linguistic and Cultural Competencies in Dynamic Possible Worlds

  • Seungwan Woo, Jeongseok Kim and Kangjin Kim: We, Vertiport 6, are temporarily closed: Interactional Ontological Methods for Changing the Destination

  • Florent Leoty, Jona Thai, Bernard Archimede, Philippe Fillatreau and Michael Gruninger: Using Mereotopology for Automated Spatial Inference in Task and Motion Planning

  • Yunpiao Bai, Jona Thai and Michael Gruninger: An Ontological Analysis of Robot Path Planning Problems

  • Francesca Stramandinoli, Amit Bhatia, Wenping Zhao, Brigid Blakeslee, Alex Shilov, Jeff Mendoza, Pradeep Rajendran and Satyandra Kumar Gupta: A Knowledge-driven Approach for Human-Robot Collaborative Manufacturing

  • Rodrigo Bernardo, João Sousa and Paulo Goncalves: Ontological framework to improve motion planning of manipulative agents through semantic knowledge-based reasoning

  • Muhammad Raza Naqvi, Arkopaul Sarkar, Sina Namaki Arghi, Farhad Ameri and Hedi Karray: Application of MSDL in modeling capabilities of robots

  • Mona Abdel-Keream, Daniel Beßler, Ayden Janssen, Sascha Jongebloed, Robin Nolte, Mihai Pomarlan and Robert Porzel: An Ontological Model of User Preferences

  • Mark Adamik and Stefan Schlobach: Towards a Definition and Conceptualisation of the Perceived-Entity Linking Problem

  • Mark Adamik and Taewoon Kim: Don’t touch my stuff: Towards commonsense reasoning about object ownership for embodied agents

  • Petr Vanc, Karla Stepanova and Daniel Bessler: Ontological Context for Gesture Interpretation